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Artist Blair Djuna

Don't Tell Me

"From its toe-tapping intro, to the foot-stomping climax, Blair Djuna’s latest song, ‘Don’t Tell Me,’ is a dance floor filling, sing-along anthem.

Occasionally, a music artist appears who can capture the deepest emotions, and reveal them in an unabashedly commercial way. Australia’s rising talent Blair Djuna, is such an artist. His latest self-penned and produced song, ‘Don’t Tell Me,’ is a bouncing, radio-friendly 3 minutes, of pure pop delight"

Jean-Paul Hansford

Artist Blair Djuna


It is very rare for a song to grab you from its very first note, to draw you in and almost force your attention, with its strength of melody and deeply personal, introspective lyrics, questioning confidence in love, and inner self-esteem. Blair Djuna’s latest single, ‘Beautiful’ does exactly that. From the strike of the first piano note and the expectant sustain, I found myself closing my eyes and being invited into someone’s very private thoughts and space.

Jean-Paul Hansford (Cherry News Media)

Artist Blair Djuna


Drenched in a strikingly stylish 80's inspired retro aesthetic that fuses pulse-raising synth, fist-pumping rhythms, and catchy hooks galore, "Touch" serves as a brilliant love letter to the neon-drenched heydays of synth-driven pop, with a few hearty nods to 80s inspired rock thrown in for good measure.

Andre Avanessian