Blair Djuna

At a Glance

- Based in Sydney, Australia.

- I got my first guitar ten years ago for my 15th birthday. Ever since then I have been writing and creating my songs. I went to study at JMC Academy where I met some amazing people who have influenced me musically and are still with me today!

- Bold, dynamic, versatile, eccentric, lyrical are words that best describe me as an artist

- My sound is a mixture of all types of music. My Music can range from country to rock and roll all the way to hip hop/R&B. I am experimental with my sound and push the boundaries of what is perceived to be popular music.


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".......Do what makes you happy. Staying driven in this industry can be difficult at times and finding originality isn’t always the easiest thing. Staying true to what you think is good is the best way to let your originality as an artist shine through."

Blair Djuna


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